Capstone Course (GES 4800): Sustainability Seminar

Capstone Course

Capstone Course (GES 4800): Sustainability Seminar

This course is a required capstone to the minor in Sustainability at UCCS. It is intended to create a unifying conclusion to the minor in Sustainability and to ensure that every Sustainability minor graduate is knowledgeable of the basic principles of sustainability. The course is structured around three main elements:

1) an individual project that asks students to make some change in their daily lives for a three-week period to try to live more deliberately (paraphrasing Thoreau);

2) a set of readings and discussions that cover a breadth of issues pertaining to sustainability, including environmental ethics, ecological economics, environmental justice, and climate change; and

3) a campus- or community-oriented group project that students will present publicly on campus at the end of the semester.

GES 4800 is offered for three credits every spring semester only and is open to Sustainability minors (prereq GES 1500, junior standing)